♥ Always expect the unexpected .. ♥

♥ i am inexistent, but in the eyes of those who understand, i exist.

♥ i am evil, but to people who learned to dig dip within me, i became the definition of good.

♥ i am numb, but to a few whom i learned to like and trust, i became the most sensitive person they ever knew.

♥ i am simple, yet complex.

♥ i would either be your friend or your enemy.

♥ to the world, i am nothing, but to the lives ive touched, i may be everything.

♥ in whatever way you see me, THANK YOU. ♥

Please TRY to follow me, and i WILL follow you back. Thanks. :3


OMG! I’ve missed my tumblr so much. >.<



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Melissa DramaQueen


Melissa DramaQueen

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